EK Milan 3 - 2 Westfield

15th Feb 2016

By Douglas Gunning

EK Milan went into the game against unbeaten westlife feeling like it was 'us against the world'. We knew a win was 'against all odds' but manager bense gave us the ol' 'I have a dream' chat and I'm sure I wasn't the only one thinking 'you raise me up'.


So the game kicks off and immediately although were away from 'home' it became 'obvious' that we were in a 'world of our own' if we thought we were going to have it easy.


Before too long we were 2-0 down and 'I'll swear it again' because we were beginning to think they were 'unbreakable'. But what gaffer bense said was 'more than words' and personally I felt like I was 'flying without wings'.

The weather changed and it was like a 'season in the sun'. We broke away and before i released a through ball I thought 'if I let you go' I don't wanna 'miss you' and I didn't. The pass connected and we were back in it. When we equalised we all celebrated and I whispered to chambers 'I lay my love on you' mate. He was pleased.


Mad Jackson 5 then hit a worldie which when it left his boot we all thought 'il see you again' knowing the ball was hitting the net. We were 3-2 up and everyone was like WTF 'what about now?'. I thought about 'tonight' and decided I didn't want to go home a loser so we went on for more and won a penalty. Chambers stepped up and missed... Everyone hated him but I said 'nothing's gonna change my love for you'. Although, he wasn't looking good so I Telt him 'when your looking like that' sometimes I wonder 'why do I love you'.




Football became the 'queen of my heart' as we just managed to win 3-2 with trialist Gaz putting in a good show. We all said to him 'please stay'. Wee Gregor got sent off for a mad lunge but didn't realise it was him but we all Telt him 'it's you'


One positive was that SPG played well despite being full of 'Mandy' from the night before.


Mental game, westlife 2-3 EK Milan.


That's why I love football, 'my love'.



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